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Our vision is to be the leading school of sports. We encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle, among students and staff through involvement in sports and also enable those who have the ability and desire to be successful at the highest possible levels. As a student you have a superb opportunity to participate in a wide variety of both individual and team sports for fun or at a competitive level.

Class Room

Euro Global school believe in serving a platform for effective teaching by providing smart classes. Sometimes, the students find, difficult to concentrate in regular classrooms. Our classrooms give the solution to this problem by introducing technology enabled teaching and learning tools. The contents in smart class have been specially created for the Indian syllabi and are based on the philosophy of "seeing is believing" So, by associating new material through smart class with something familiar, students can better understand if visuals are presented before them and retain new information.

Art & Craft

Art and craft helps to unfold creative and imaginative expressions. It is taken up seriously and is recognized as a valid part of child's development.

Computer Lab

In today's technology-filled world, Information Technology is becoming a major component in education, where computers are becoming indispensable. Here at Euro Global, Young children are comfortable clicking various options to see what is going to happen next. Using a mouse and pressing keys gives toddler’s chubby hands the same type of exercise they gets from drawing or coloring. These movements also improve eye-hand coordination that will pay off in the years to come. Providing children with minimal help teaches them, they learn to operate the computer successfully. With the help of latest computer software, the students of all classes are imparted with CBSE / NCERT syllabus to follow the principle of "seeing is believing" which makes learning easier.

Interactive Environment

Our school provides a very cordial and interactive atmosphere to all concerned. We have a unique interactive method of education for comprehensive child growth.

Children have all the liberty to interact with the teachers. Mental growth of the child is our prime aim. We run the school on Parliamentary principles. Every parents has a right to actively participate in school growth by sharing their views with the school management.

Happy environment

Pick & drop facility available

Active learning

Creative Lessons